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A Hemisphere of Fun
By Göran Olsson
Stockholm, Sweden



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Control Line History Aerodynamics FAI - CIAM This Year's Championships Contests
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My Plans & Graphics Materials & Methods Engines TRANSITRACE Speed Timing Propellers
Speed Aerobatics Team Racing Combat Goodyear
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C/L Contests 2013

International Contest Calendar on the CIAM site

This Year's Results

See the CMBL site for results!

Control Line History
History of Control Line from the Aeromaniacs site.
Biographies of two C/L pioneers: Oba St.Clair and Jim Walker from the AMA Museum site.
American Junior Aircraft Co. the company started by Jim Walker.
F2A History and F2C Chronology by Pete Soule
My own T/R History Site.
Past Years' Competitions

2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998

Championships Schedule
World European
2010, Gyula, Hungary (firm bid)
Belgrade, Serbia
2009, (no bid yet)
2008, Landres, France, July 28 - Aug 4 2007, Belgrade, Serbia, July 6-14
2006, Valladolid, Spain,
2005, Gyula, Hungary
2004 , Muncie, IN, USA. 2003 , Rouillé, France
2002 , Sebnitz, Germany. 2001 , Valladolid, Spain.
Earlier Champs
Combat engines at the World Champs 1998
Team Racing Engines at the World Champs 2004, 1998 and 1996
, all by Jim Dunkin
The FMV Story Flores' and Metkemeijer's landmark T/R engine article, 1978

Legendary Engine Designers, Duke Fox, Jaures Garofali of Super Tigre, Dick McCoy and others.
Want propeller blade angle data for a given pitch? Use My Prop Pitch Spreadsheet!
My Not-A-Pitch Gauge.
Making a Propeller Mold
by Bill Lee
'Propeller Molds "the making of"'. Mario Ferrero's followup on Bill's article. Excellent pictures.
Moulding the Props by CMBL
The Bolly Handbook.
Supercool Racing Props. NC machined moulds
F2C Prop. Software by Pete Soule
* Martin Hepperle's Aerodynamics Site Propeller calculations.
Materials and Methods
Balsa Wood
Carbon Fiber
About Castor Oil
by Bert Striegler.
MatWeb, The Online Materials Information Resource. Search and selection of metal alloys and other materials by properties, composition or name.
NASA's Metalworking Index
The Materials and Processing department
of an Amateur Rocket site.
Chromium Plating. by Wayne Trivin. (Site hosted by NCLRA after Wayne passed away on Jan 20.)
Chromium Plating Be aware of the poisonus mist that is formed!
On making Connecting Rods for Model Engines by Glen Dye.
Silkspan Covering by Howard Sullivan.
Machining and Metalworking at Home.
Carrying model equipment on airliners.
Engineering Fundamentals. A good resource of engineering data.
Unbraco Engineering Guide. Screw catalogue and technical data.
Model Engineering Data. Glossary and other information.
Comprehensive Engineering Data.
Units Conversion
First article on Line Drag by E. Larrabee, 1950.
See How It Flies by John S. Denker. All about the principles of flight.
* Martin Hepperle's Aerodynamics Site Airfoil, propeller and pipe calculations.
Other Control Line Prime Web Sites
Only multi-disciplinary prime sites are listed here. The others are found under their subject of focus, where they are marked by an amber ball, *.

* Pete Soule T/R and Speed in the Sixties, Aerodynamics
* Dave Day, UK Stunt, Beginners' Advice
* Loet Wakkerman, Combat: Making Engines and Models, Contest Reports. The FMV T/R Engine story.
* Cercle Modéliste Blénod Lorraine, France. How to build a T/R Model, Contest Reports
* Aeromodelos.Net, Eduardo Affonso, Brazilian living in France. Mostly Stunt.
* Fesselflug Center (Control Line Centre), by Claudia and Uwe Kehnen, Germany. In German, with a department in English. Lots of information, pictures and videos.
FAI - CIAM Activities

FAI CIAM Home Page

Agenda and Minutes from CIAM Meetings

IMPORTANT: The FAI stickers and model certificates are replaced by new ones! The old ones are no longer valid!
New stickers as well as certificates are to be ordered through your NAC!
For those who want to make their own decals, the sticker graphics are available for download at the CIAM Forms Page.

List of Approved Judges 2007-8

Reports and Rule Change discussions from the C/L Subcommittee: (PDF Documents)
F2B | F2D

Speed pioneer Bill Wisniewski has left us. Read the Obituary by Pete Soule!
Speedsheet. The F2A version of my F2C spreadsheet, now second version. Gives the rake angle of the lead-out guide, among other things. Takes the assymetrical drag of the model into account.
World Champ Luis Parramon's Model

Speed Prime Sites:
* North American Speed Society
* All World and European Champs Results and Reports
compiled by Pete Soule.

Aerobatics Prime Sites:
, Every stunt flier should be a member of this organization!
* Dave Day, UK Stunt, Beginners' Advice
* Aeromodelos.Net, Eduardo Affonso, Brazilian living in France.
Team Racing
The CLRACING Web Site run by Pete Soule
A few articles get direct links here: Flying Tactics, Flying Rules and Race Performance by Marlon Gofast, 1977
Piloting in Modern F2C Events by Rob Fitzgerald.

Rob Fitzgerald's video from the World Champs in Valladolid
With comments on piloting errors. VERY INSTRUCTIONAL! You find it on Claudia and Uwe Kehnen's site HERE

Line Rake Test by Bill Lee and John McCollum
The Mazniak 15 TR engine of 2001
The Lerner 15 TR engine
The 2002 Champ Engine and Tank by Bondarenko/Lerner.
Fashionable F2C?
Team Racing Engines at the World Champs 2004, 1998 and 1996
, all by Jim Dunkin
PROFI News Nov 2007
The FMV Story Flores' and Metkemeijer's landmark T/R engine article, 1978
USA Racing Rules by NCLRA.
Team Racing Cake. Who turned 40 (in 1999)? !

Team Racing Prime Sites: * National Control Line Racing Association The US racing interest group.
* Andy Whorton British F2C results and team characterizations.
* Dick Lambert US contests, model building, barstock T/R Engine, personalities gallery, air management. Visually noisy!
* World and European Champs Results and Reports compiled by Pete Soule.

As I F2C It

My Team Racing Results
My T/R Fuel Development.
You need no Tetra Ethyl Lead!
My Team Racing Spreadsheet. Excel application for calculating drag, engine power and lots of other things on a T/R model.

F2D Safety Discussion Feb-Mar 2006, see below under CIAM Activities!

Henning Forbech's page about shutoffs

Combat engines at the World Champs 1998 in Kiev by Jim Dunkin
The Kozyol Engine. No longer made, but a good description of a modern combat engine.
StreamerStalkers a Combat computer game by Johnathon Crabtree
Mark Rudner's Combat 101 Course
Yahoo Combat forum focusing on F2D: cl_combat.

Combat Prime Sites:
* Control-Line Combat
the American Way, by Preston Briggs.
C/L Rules
The The most recent FAI Aeromodelling Sporting Code Directly from the FAI.
The General Section of the FAI Sporting Code. Get a firm grip on this in addition to the Aeromodelling Section if you are to compete a World or European Champs! Especially if you are a Team Manager!
USA Racing Rules by NCLRA.

Opto-Electronic Timing of C/L Models
My own invention.

A new software release is available! Visit the Transitrace User Web Site!

Was used officially at the 2004 World Champs and the 2005 European Champs, and likely will be used at every W/E/Champs event in the future.
I was awarded the the Antonov Diploma for technical innovations by FAI for 2004 for this development.
Goodyear Racing and F2F
A simplified form of Team Racing with " profile" fuselage and 1/8 scale rules. See below for my " Li'l Quickie" design and the full size plan offer. Read the Description and Building Hints ! Also the hints on Finishing and Wing Pressing. Now superseded by far by this French article.

My Cosmic Wind lacks a plan, but I have GIFs of a 3-view of the prototype: Part 1 | Part 2
The SMFF C/L site now has a List of Goodyear Designs and Plans. In Swedish, but you can understand at least the tables and addresses.

My T/R and Goodyear Plans

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