Contest Results 2000

2000 C/L World Cup Results

Overall Report | Complete Results (Excel file)
Prepared by Bruno Delor.

See also FAI:s web site: C/L World Cup

C/L Scale (F4B) World Championships Report

British Nats, Aug 26-28: Aerobatics | Racing (F2C)
Eurocup 2000, Landres, France. July 8-9 (before the W/Ch)
Josef Gabris Memorial Results, F2B, Slovakia. June 11.
Sächsische Schweiz Cup 2000 Results, Sebnitz, Germany, May 27-28.
Limfjords Competition Results, Ålborg, Denmark, June 10-11.
Grand Prix of Luxembourg results, Landres, France, May 20 - 21.
Bitterfeld Results, Germany, April 30 - May 1
Vintage Stunt Champs #12 Results, from Mike Keville. Tucson, Arizona, March '00