Contest Calendar, Invitations and Results 2007

Links are likely to disappear, or point to the current year's events. but I shall not bother to remove them.

European Championships

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CMBL Site | Kehnen's Site | Möbius' Site | Contente's Site
World Cup Standing from the CMBL Site.

Ilan Ramon's Memorial Cup, Kiryat Gat, Israel, 30-31 March, F2D
Bitterfeld, Germany, 28-29 April. : By Peter and Katja on Kehnen's site | By Möbius | Pictures by Bjarne Schou.
Jura Cup 2007, Breitenbach, Switzerland, 18-20 May, F2BC. : F2B F2C
"Dreilšnderpokal" Three Countries Cup.
Combat in consecutive weekends in Northern Europe:
Karlskoga, Sweden, 19-20 May | Aalborg, Denmark, 26-27 May | Sebnitz, Germany, 2-3 June
Pilots flying all three events receive a Diploma. Trophies to the pilots with the three highest sums of World Cup points.
Karlskoga Combat World Cup, Karlskoga, Sweden, 19-20 May. Pictures by Bjarne Schou.
Internationaux 2007 de St. Etienne, France, 26-27 May, F2B
Limfjords Competition, Aalborg, Denmark, 26-27 May, 7 classes, WC:F2A & F2D
F2D Pictures by Bjarne Schou.
14. Sächsischer-Schweiz-Cup, Sebnitz, Germany, 2-3 June.
24th Open International Citta' di Alessandria, Alessandria, Italy, 9-10 June, F2ABC.
Assen Jordanoff F2 World Cup Event, Primorsko, Bulgaria, 9-10 June, F2ABCD. Pictures
Genk 2007, 23-24 June, F2B (From Lassogeier, in German)
Pre-Eurochamps World Cup "Memorijal 'Svetomir Sindelic'", Belgrade, 4-5 July.
Grand Prix de France,Landres, 4-5 August. Video from a F2C semifinal
Dutch Combat International WC, Dronten, Netherlands, 10-12 August.
21st International of Pepinster, Belgium, 11-12 August, F2ABC. (Excel file) Report by Claudia Kehnen (in German)
Grushins Cup, Khimki, Russia, 6-9 September, F2D.
Var Cup, Gyula, Hungary, 21-23 September.
Dnipro Cup, Novomoskovsk, Ukraine, 4-10 October, F2D.