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UPDATED 3rd August, 2007

Help on Excel and reconstruction of flights with many missed laps are now uploaded. Program version 2.20 is coming soon!

Göran Olsson

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The Transitrace Program and User Manual available for download on 27th May, 2007 is Version 2.10.

A preliminary version has been in use for some time, at the 2006 World Championships and other contests, but some things are added.
Please report any problems to me as soon as possible!

How to get MS-DOS-only on your PC

If your PC runs Windows 98 or older, read the instructions in the User Manual.
If you have a Windows version later than Windows 98, to get MS-DOS on your PC you must prepare some things. It could be a good idea to ask someone who plays lots of computer games, as many of those also only run under MS-DOS.

For Windows XP, this information is available from Microsoft:

HOW TO: Create a Multiple-Boot System in Windows XP

This is the best solution in the long run, but takes some expertise.

Another way, easier to get started:

How to create a MS-DOS Boot Diskette in Windows XP

(This site deals with network diagnostics, but it's applicable for Transitrace.)
To get MS-DOS running on your PC, you should have this diskette inserted in your PC and your BIOS configured to load the operating system from the diskette upon reset or power-up. You should also copy the Transitrace software files to this diskette.

Download the Transitrace Software Package, Version 2.10:

This is a compressed self-expanding file.
The package includes:
  • Application program TT and all necessary files
  • User Manual in PDF format
  • The Program and User Manual for calibration of the PC.
  • Example Log and Name files
For users with old PC computers, without math coprocessor and/or 8086 CPU, special versions of the TT programs have been prepared: tt86.exe | ttcal86.exe |

How to analyze flights with many missed laps

Log format explained, and how to import data to Excel and plot the speed

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User Pictures

(Keep them coming!)
Ivo Popov at the computer in Bitterfeld '05
Sensor and dolly box in Landres '04
Jean-Marc Aubé's setup
The very first use in Landres 2000 (Picture taken from CMBL:s site). Dick Lambert watching me at the controls.

Download "Programmer's File Editor" (new link)

A good text editor for viewing the TT log files.
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