Contest Calendar, Invitations and Results 2003

Links are likely to disappear, or point to the current year's events. but I will not bother to remove them.
Contest Calendar for 2003 - World Cup and Other Internationals

European Championships 2003

Rouillé, France, July 12 - 19.

National Contest Calendars 2003:
British (Dave Day) | British (Andy Whorton) | French | Swedish | Italian

World Cup Final Results for 2003. On the CMBL site.

Invitations and Reports

Ekaterinburg Cup, Russia, F2D, Feb 21-23. (PDF)
Rafaela World Cup, F2B, F2C, Argentina, Feb 13-16. -F2B | -F2C (PDF files)
Vintage Stunt Championships, Tucson, Arizona, March 20-23. by Dave Day.
IKR Pokal 2003 plus Dutch Combat International, Bitterfeld, Germany, May 3-4. (follow the "Pokal 03" link).
Grand Prix de France, Landres, May 10-11
Jura Cup, Breitenbach: F2B (PDF), F2C (GIF). Thanks to Andy Sweetland.
Limfjords Competition Aalborg, Denmark, 7-8 June. World Cup F2A, F2B & F2D; also F2C + national classes.
Gold Engine Cup, Moscow, 6-9 June. F2A F2C (GIFs) from Roland Surugue
World Cup Sebnitz, 14-15 June, Report, by Matthias Möbius (in German)
City of Ciriè World Cup, F2B, Torino, Italy from Lillo Condello
Eurocup Herentals, Belgium, June 28-29.
Pepinster International, Belgium, 9-10 Aug. Full Results by CMBL, F2C report by Andy Whorton.
British Nats, Oakington, 24-25 Aug. Speed from BMFA. F2C Report by Andy Whorton. F2B Results by Dave Day. F2D Results by John James.
IV Tournament of the New Millenium, Santarem, Portugal, 5-7 Sept
40th Coppa d'Oro, Lugo, Italy. F2ABC, 6-7 Sept.
Air Lithuania Cup, Vilnius, 6-7 Sept. World Cup F2D. (Go to: Control Line - Competitions)
1st City of Ciriè Combat World Cup, Torino, Italy, 20-21 Sept. Contact Lillo Condello
Open International of Lisbon is canceled. Was scheduled for Sept 27-28.
Open Internacional Ciudad de Valladolid, 3-5 Oct. World Cup F2ABCD.
Dnipro Cup, 4-5 Oct. World Cup F2D. Pictures will come on Igor Milenin's site

British Racing Results by Andy Whorton.

Swedish Contest Results