Contest Results 1999

C/L World Cup Results

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All prepared by Bruno Delor.
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Grand Prix of Luxembourg, F2A, F2B, F2C. Landres, France, September 18-19, 1999, by Jean-Paul Perret
Andy Whorton has a F2C Report and Results.
Rouillé, F2A, F2B, F2C. September 11-12, 1999, by Jean-Paul Perret
British Nats, August 28-30: Pictures from Stunt and Racing by Mike Nelson. (Up Aug 31!)   Stunt Results by Dave Day.   Andy Whorton's Report on F2C.   BFMA's Result Pages, with complete racing and speed results.
Pepinster F2C Report and Results by Andy Whorton. Aug 14-15.
15ème Grand Prix de France F2C and F2A Report and Results by Andy Whorton. and Dick McGladdery. Landres (Piennes), France. Aug 07-08.
Amerongen Dutch Combat International Results. July 30 - Aug 1.
Suebia Cup Results, Klein Sachsenheim, Germany. June 26-27
Sächsische Schweiz Cup Results, World Cup, Sebnitz, Germany. June 11-13. Pictures from F2C added Oct '99
Genk Eurocup '99 Results, F2B World Cup, Genk, Belgium. June 5-6. Provided by Holger Suchi.
Results of COMBAT CUP of S.Petersburg, Russia, 29-30th May 1999 in my C/L News page.
Limfjords Competition Results, World Cup, Aalborg, Denmark. May 22-23.
Pictures from the F2C Final
Jura Cup '99 F2A & F2C Results and Report, Breitenbach (Büsserach), Switzerland, May 14-16.
VII. IKR - Cup Bitterfeld, Germany. 1.-2.May 1999 - and Loet Wakkerman's report on combat.
City of Ciriè F2B World Cup Results, 24-25 April 1999
Vintage Stunt Champs 11 Results, Tucson, Arizona, USA. Pictures