World Championships 2004

Muncie, Indiana, USA

Final Results: Individual:
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Single Excel file
F2A | F2B | F2C | F2D

W/Ch Stunt Picture Album

Jim Dunkin's F2C Engine Compilation

Andy Whorton's F2C Report

Pictures by Ulla Hune, wife of Danish F2B flier Dan. - Featuring Hillary!

Video uptake of the F2C final by John Jerabek, CAN, hosted by Noam Weissman, ISR.

F2A Report on the official site, by Dave Mark.

Combat Report by Preston Briggs

Combat Pictures with focus on the US team, by Ken Hargreaves. On Neil Simpson's site

New Zealand at the World Champs by Glen Lewis. Also his Team Trip Report.

Report by René Berger, SUI (in German). From the Lassogeier site.

Pictures on Matthias Möbius' site, by Uwe Kehnen and others.

Transitrace F2A log files

Statistics done from the Log Files by Pete Soule

Stunt Pictures (in German) from the Lassogeier site.

Luis Parramon's account of his F2A victory (in Spanish)