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* Phil Brown * DMOZ Links * Non-RC Links by Tony van Roon
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* Home Pages of Control Line Flyers:
-NORTH AMERICA: -USA: * Iskandar Taib The World's First C/L Web Site is no more, as Isky moved home to Malaysia! But the honor of being first will stay! * Bill Kuhl. Hints for beginners. * Pete Soule, California. Microaeronautics. Team Racing in the Sixties, '97 US Team Selections Pictures, Rat Racing, Pipe Pioneers... Two more sites by Pete: F2A and F2C History, and Marlon Gofast's CLRACING site. * Bill Lee, Succinct home page. * Phil Cartier, Combat. * Jim Dunkin, Kansas. Ex-F2C Flier, Engine Collector. His HUGE 2.5 CC ENGINE ENCYCLOPEDIA is now in print. * Bill Calkins, Navy Carrier. * Leonard Neumann, Indiana, Stuka Stunt Works. * John Thompson, Contest Calendar for USA and Canada. * Ryan Cooper, Stunt, Getting Started. * John Strollo, Speed. * Tom Dixon, Georgia. Plans, engines and kits for Stunt and Sport. * Tim Stone, Racing and various stuff. * Heman Lee, Aeromaniacs, Stunt, Youth Activities * Windy Urtnowski, Stunt, Instruction Videos. * Wayne Trivin, Own design F2C, 1/2 A engines and more. Site hosted by NCLRA after Wayne's passing Jan 20, 2005. * Jim Holland, CL Racing West. * Todd Ryan, Ryan Competition, NorthWest USA Racing. * Dale Kirn, The Kirn Family, Three generations of C/L. * Dick Lambert, F2C, Lots of pictures, model in various stages of construction. * Preston Briggs, Seattle, WA. Combat. * George Cleveland , GRS Models, Louisiana. Combat. * Jim Booker, Speed. Profi Dealer, RTF Models, Glow Plugs, Replica Engines, Newsletter. *  Mitch Cleveland, Strawberry Room. Louisiana. Combat *  Don Jensen, "I fly control-line combat", Riverside, CA *  Doug Moon, How to do "That", Dallas, TX *  Neil Simpson, New England Combat News. Boston, MA. *  Mark Rudner, FAI News, Regular Newsbriefs on F2D. -Canada: * Paul Dranfield, B.C, Nostalgia Diesel Combat. * Tim McTigue, Toronto. Stunt.
-EUROPE: -Switzerland: * Peter Nyffeler, Zürich, Switzerland. The World's Second C/L Web Site is back! * Hans Stocker, Switzerland. Nice overview of Swiss C/L. (in German, partly also French and Italian) -Slovakia: * Igor Burger, Bratislava, Stunt. -UK: * Andy Whorton, England. F2C specialist with lots of information from the British C/L scene. * Mike Nelson, Vintage * Andy Housden and Nigel Cheffers-Heard, Carrier * Mike and Steve Waller, Control Line U.K. * Dave Day, UK Contest Calendar, Stunt and Vintage, Hints for beginners and experts. * John James, F2D in the UK. Contest Calendar, Results, News, Team Points. * Johnathon Crabtree, Streamer Stalkers. Combat including a computer game! * Pete Cripps , Buzzflight, Electric CL, kits, accessories. * The Elmores, Scanned articles from the fifties and sixties. * Reeces Control Line, Tony Smith. Beginners and Stunt. -Netherlands: * Loet Wakkerman, Combat World Champ '83 and European Champ '95. His new engine developments described. Also "The FMV story", about the F2C engine by Flores, Metkemeijer and Visser in the late '70s. Combat model building, contest reports.... * Leo Voss, Combat -France: * Team Racing, Roland, Georges and Pascal Surugue, and Thierry Ougen, Le Mans. * Vol Circulaire commandé ou F2B, French F2B site. -Germany: * Andreas and Holger Suchi, Bitterfeld * Der Lassogeier, (The Lasso Vulture, C/L Newsletter in German) by Axel Jungherz * The Möbius Family, Bitterfeld. (In German) * Fesselflug Center, Uwe & Claudia Kehnen. (In German, with English department) Lots of information, pictures and videos. * Ukie's Control Line Page, Claus Maikis. Ukie is the C/L flying bird of Claus' WONDERFUL cartoons! Lots of valuable information! -Austria: * Franz Marksteiner, Own Design 2.5 cc engines (in German) -Italy: * Piero Incani, C/L on Sardinia (in Italian) * Mario Ferrero, Historical C/L engines, propeller mold article. See also his racing accessories for sale below. *  Enrico Mauletti Simple Team Racing and general C/L. Plus a CD-ROM with a wealth of C/L articles. *  Gabriele Macri, plans, pictures, contest info... Nice C/L Cartoon Calendar -Portugal: * Amilcar Contente & José Goulao, Team Racing. (In Portugese) -Spain: *  Cesar Picado, Combat. (In Spanish) * Antonio Aldecoa, F2C Vuelo Circular (In Spanish) -Romania: * Sebastian Radu Zaharia Stunt, Romanian A/M History -Russia: * Denis Deonisiy, Orenburg C/L models. Pictures, Results (in Russian) -Ukraine: * Stanislav Chornyy, F2D 2000 World Champ & 2001 European Champ * Igor Milenin , F2D, Pictures from Russian competitions. (Sometimes slow connection.) * Olexandr Korenchuk , Avia Kiev. -Scandinavia: -Denmark: * Luis Petersen, Team Racing -Sweden: -Racing Circles: * Fredrik Hallgren, T/R and Goodyear * Myself.
-AUSTRALIA: * David Kidd, Aussie C/L Nostalgia with lots of interesting reading. * James Armstrong, All Aussie classes presented. * Richard Justic, Speed and Racing * Richard B. Stewart, Hints for beginners, plans.
-New Zealand * Glen Lewis, NOCLASS MAC C/L Organization.
-ASIA: -FAR EAST: -Singapore: * Tai Woon, C/L In Singapore -Japan: * Masaru Hiki, Speed and Stunt, has lots of engine and model pictures. * Kaz Minato's World, Stunt.
-SOUTH AMERICA: -Brazil: * Gustavo Campanhã, Cute moving GIFs. * Rogerio Wieck, Team Racing. (In Portugese) * Eduardo Affonso, Brazilian living in France. Stunt and lots of general info. Shockwave required - Visually noisy!
-AFRICA: -South Africa: * Peter Lott, C/L in ZA. * Lionel Smith, Racing.
* Interesting Subjects:
* Model Aerodynamics by Martin Hepperle (airfoil specialist) Excellent!! * About balsa wood by SIG Mfg Co. * Automotive Gasoline Frequently Asked Questions Nothing in this FAQ about fuels for model engines, but very interesting nevertheless. * Jim Walker, the Control Line pioneer by Frank Macy and Scott Griffith.
* Control Line Plans:
*  Claus Maikis. Stunt model plans. A wide range of C/L planes, from little fun machines up to full-blown F2B competition ships, at a reasonable cost and and with competent advice included. * My Own T/R and Goodyear Plans * Tom Dixon's Stunt Plans. * Barry Baxter's Combat and Stunt Plans. * The CLRACING Forum's Plans Archive. *  Henk de Jong's List of Plans . Beginners, Stunt, oldtimers.... Send an e-mail to Henk to get the list, or write to Henk de Jong, Chirurgijnsgilde 36, 3813 GZ Amersfoort, Netherlands. Tel. 00.31.33-4729242. *  The Elmores List of Websites which feature Plans
* Organizations:

* FAI Home Page (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, The International Airsport Federation) In charge of all international air sports, not just aeromodelling. Has links to FAI documents and e-mail addresses of FAI officials. * FAI CIAM Page The Aeromodelling Commission. * CIAM Control Line Subcommittee Members.
-National Organizations (NAC:s)
* SMFF, The Swedish Model Flying Federation (In Swedish, English summary). -Control Line Section. * British Model Flying Association. Their C/L page. * Model Aeronautical Association of Australia. * South African Model Aircraft Association. *Their C/L page. * AMA, USA * AMA District VIII. C/L interest being that Bill Lee is the Webmaster. * New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association. * Brazilian Aeroclub. (in Portugese, link to English) * Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, C/L Committee * Danish Control Line Union. (In Danish) * FFAM, French Aeromodelling Federation. (In French) * Schweizerischer Modellflugverband Swiss Model Flying Federation Control Line page (in German). * FIAM C/L Page Italian Federation (in Italian). * Lithuanian Aeromodelling Federation. *  New Zealand C/L Committee. *  Federation of Aeromodelling Sport of Russia. *  Bulgarian Aeromodelling Federation, F2ABCD.
-Special Interest Groups
* NASS, North American Speed Society, USA. Issues "Speed Times". * The NASS Picture site * PAMPA, Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association (USA). Has around 1600 members worldwide, issues "Stunt News" bimonthly, the world's prime control line publication. * NCLRA, National Control Line Racing Association (USA). Issues the newsletter Torque Roll bimonthly. * MACA, Miniature Aircraft Combat Association (USA) * NCS, Navy Carrier Society (USA) * C.L.A.P.A, Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association (UK) * Combat Flyers Association (UK) * Fly By Wire A Dutch organization to promote C/L for youth. * CLRACING, the YahooGroup's own web site, organized by Pete Soule (alias Marlon Gofast)
* Aviator, Aalborg, Denmark. (in Danish) * Control Line Aeromodellers of Sebnitz, Germany * Holdfast Model Aero Club, Adelaide, AUS * Círculo Aeromodelista Rafaelino, Argentina. (in Spanish) * APUCA, Asociacion Pilotos U-Control Argentinos Argentina. (in Spanish) * Pingvinen, Denmark (in Danish) * Modellfluggruppe Breitenbach, Switzerland. (in German) * Aircraft models club Sankt-Petersburg, Russia (In Russian) *  Gruppo Aeromodelisti Bustesi, Italy. (In Italian) * Cercle Modéliste Blénod Lorraine, France. * Control-Line Club MSFV Bitterfeld e.V., Germany * Nijmeegse Luchtvaartclub, Nijmegen, Netherlands (in Dutch) * Cercle Modeliste Rullicois, Rouillé, France (in French) * Les Pingouins (Lobjeois Hugues?), Mostly F2D, France. (In French) * Control Line Team Munich Several interesting developments: Lothar Hentschel's engines and measurements, Jiri Karger's NC mill. *  Wharfedale, England. * CAL - Clube de Aeromodelismo de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. (In Portugese) * Balsa Beavers, Toronto, Canada. * Club de Aeromodelismo Tamarán, Canary Islands, Spain. (Has English version) *  Real Aero Club Barcelona-Sabadell (In Spanish - go to Vuelo Circular) *  The Garden State Circle Burners, New Jersey, USA. By Al Knight. * Bergen Controline Flyers, New Jersey, USA. By Rich Peabody. * Tulsa Glue Dobbers, Oklahoma, USA. By Rick Blankenship. * Alberta Control Line Flying Club, Canada. * Fun Pilots, Estonia * TARMAC, Perth, Australia * Central Arizona Control Line Club. *  Aerosafa, Valladolid, Spain. Organizer of World Champs 2006. (in Spanish) *  Tampa Bay Line Flyers. * Centre d'Aéromodélisme de Pepinster, Belgium, (in French). The club that holds the well known annual World Cup Contest. * Knights of the Round Circle, Los Angeles, USA. Pete Soule is their webmaster and Whittier Narrows their home ground. *  Mercurians Model Aeronautical Club. Perth, Australia. C/L Club. *  Club Modéliste de Cachan, France.
-Swedish Clubs and Organizations:
* SLM, The Stockholm District Aeromodelling Organization (in Swedish). (Not kept up to date.) * TMFK, The Aeromodelling Club of Trelleborg (in Swedish), Windmill Cup organizers (F2B). * MFK Red Baron, a club near Stockholm. * Solna MSK, my own club, also near Stockholm. * SLIS, the Swedish Stunt and general C/L interest organization (in Swedish). Issues the newsletter "LINA". Check their * Picture Gallery. Has lots of interesting pictures spanning more than thirty years of model development. * Karlskoga MFK, very active in Combat and Stunt.
*  Our ground-stuck counterparts: Swedish Model Racer Union (Tether Cars, in Swedish, by former F2A & F2C pilot Nils Björk)

-Magazines and Newsletters:
*  Aviation Modeller International
* INFO CIRCULAIRE, issued by the ACSE club in St. Etienne, France. Contact Véronique and Gilbert Beringer! .
* Flying Models
* Other Brands of Model Hobby:
* Free Flight by Don Vetter, USA. * Tether Cars by Tönu Sepp, Estonia. WARNING: This site has a WEB BUG * The R/C Web Directory by Tower Hobbies. (Lots and lots of links). * The Complete RC Websites Index FAST access to RC and other modeling websites. Still more links.... * SAM Italia Oldtimers. *  Our ground-stuck counterparts: Swedish Model Racer Union (Tether Cars, in Swedish, by former F2A & F2C pilot Nils Björk)
* Hobby in General:
* Allt Om Hobby. Sweden's leading hobby magazine.
* Sources for C/L Equipment: (Check the other C/L fliers' web sites too!)       OANDA Currency Converter
NOTE: The list below is for your information, and no recommendation. I assume no responsibility for the business practices of the listed suppliers. A few general warnings about ordering internationally, especially through internet: * Make sure you agree on the method and cost of shipping before you order! * Don't give anyone your credit card number unless you have confidence in the person or company! * Use encrypted transfer of your credit card number, or give it by phone!
* Mejzlik Modellbau, Tomas Mejzlik . Greatest inventory there is of C/L items including kits and ready built models of contest quality. On-Line Ordering. See his factory!
* 3F Hobby Service, . Sweden's most important C/L suppliers. They sell Lubrizol ADX 511C (formerly -52), SEK 50 (US$5.25) for .25 liter, and Lubrizol ADX 743 (= DII-3) Diesel Ignition Improver (ethyl hexyl nitrate)
* Lone Star Balsa, Riley Wooten (Combat flier), Lancaster, Texas. Balsa and C/L accessories. On-line ordering.
* Winship Models, C/L Accessories. Dan Winship
* RSM Distribution, Eric Rule , Santa Ana, California. C/L Kits, Engines and Accessories.
* Great Hobbies, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
* Free Flight Supplies of Mike Woodhouse, Norwich, England
* Model Research Labs CA, USA. Composites, Covering Materials
* Cyclon Engines, New site 2007, Novosibirsk, Russia. Run by Alexander Kalmykov , former F2A World Champion. Engines for F2A, F2B, F2C, F2D and F3D plus accessories.
Per Ehnwall's Cyclon pages are now made available again. Material is mosty outdated, but still interesting.
* Yakov Mazniak Top class F2C Engines and Tanks (Drawing) (Picture) * Price List (1st May 2001)
*  ZALP-K Engines. Volodymyr Fulitka
*Lerner F2C Engine and Tank. World Champion 2002 Semen Lerner , Kharkov, Ukraine. Also Yuriy Bondarenko models and propellers.
* Profi Micro Engines, Kharkov, Ukraine. F2A, F2C and F2D engines. Olexandr Osovik and Youry Chaika
* Just-Engines, Reading, UK. MVVS and PAW engines.
* Fox Manufacturing Co. Engines and glow plugs
* Whizzz. James Zhou, China. CS Engines & other stuff
* Norvel. AME and BIGMIG Engines (Russian made), R/C Stuff.
* PAW. Macclesfield, England. Engines and accessories.
* K&B, Engines and equipment.
* Orion Hobbies, Sweden. (New location.) Russian scaled-down replicas of vintage engines like Mills. English readers will prefer their Old Site.
* Jett Engines, Houston, Texas.
* MECOA, California.
* Engines Unlimited, England. Contact Bipin Cholera
*  Surayev Engines. V.A. Surayev
*  Barton Model Products, England. Historical engines.
*  Microstock Miniature and Model Engines, England. Stalker stunt engines plus some special and vintage engines.
* SMR PTY Ltd, Steve Rothwell, Australia. Replicas of Oliver Engines.
- Team Racing:
* Vladyslav Zhuravlyov, Kharkov, Ukraine. Top rate "VZH" F2C models. Fax: +380572379980
- Combat:
*  Jari Valo , Helsinki, Finland. Russian and Belorussian F2D Engines, Redko and Zorro, Beliaev F2D models.
*  Henning Forbech , Aarhus, Denmark. Nelson Glow Plug Repairs and other F2D stuff.
* GRS Models George Cleveland , USA. Combat Equipment, Fora Engines and Chorny Propellers. WARNING: I have received complaints about this dealer!
*  Yuvenko Models
* ViKo Models, Ukraine. Combat models and equipment.
* Igor Dementiev , Moldova, Ukraine. Combat models and equipment.
* Bolly Products, Propellers, Carbon Pipes and other stuff. Also has an Online Handbook with lots of valuable information.
* Supercool Racing Propellers , propellers from CNC machined metal moulds. Stuart L. Sherlock , Australia.
* Aero Products, Randy Smith. Advanced Aerobatics stuff.
* PS Aeroproducts, England. European dealer for Brodak, many stunt items.
* Stalker-Modusa, USA. Engines, models and accessories.
* Andriy Yatsenko, Kharkov, Ukraine. Models and Retro Discovery engines.
-Accessories, Materials and Tools:
* Aerospace Composite Products, California, USA. Carbon fiber and other advanced materials.
* Fibre Glast Developments Corporation, Ohio, USA. Composite materials.
* Composite Structures Technology, Tehachapi, California, USA. Composite materials.
* West System, Bay City, Michigan, USA. Epoxy products and technical information.
* Fiberglass Supply, inc. Bingen, WA, USA.
* Suffolk, UK. All sorts of carbon fibre products.
* Micro Fasteners, New Jersey, USA. Screws, nuts, washers...
* Permagrit Tungsten carbide coated tools.
* Chronos Engineering Supplies, England. Big assortment of all sorts of machine tools.
* Boca Bearings, Ball bearings in our dimensions.

* Mario Ferrero, Racing Accessories.
* NASS Parts Finder
* NOCLASS MAC Glen Lewis, NZ. F2D bellcranks and horns, moulded TR wheels, plastic tanks. Online Shop.
* Ritch's Brew, Fuel Supplier, Houston, Texas (Glow fuels)
* SIG Mfg. Co. C/L kits and modelling materials
* Brodak Manufacturing C/L kits
* Live Easy Products, Index for Control Line Products
- Others' Links to Suppliers: * Aeromaniacs

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