My Not-A-Pitch Gauge

September 20, 2000

Your webmaster's latest toy:
A Pitch Gauge it isn't, as it measures blade thickness and chord as well, hence Propeller Gauge.

Folded, dimensions 206 x 108 x 16 mm

Unfolded, in use

Blade thickness gauge with scale in millimeters and 1/1000 inch. Radial steps 10 mm from 20 to 110 mm.

Pitch scale in mm and inches for each radial station, as well as angle scale in degrees.

The scale on the lower blade feeler, in mm, is for measuring blade chord.
The scales on the top of the rectangular plate, in inch and mm, is for measuring the overall blade radius.

(Propeller by Valentino Saccavino)

Göran Olsson