Sebnitz, Germany, 14-21 July

Updated Jan 25: Swiss and Italian pages.

Organizers' Web Site with results

This site again has the full F2B results. All results are now called 'official'. Still, the F2B results are wrong, as the juniors who qualified for just the junior finals are placed according to their finals results in the total. Errors also remain in the F2C national team results, as Sweden should be 5th, not shared 4th. Same sum of places as the UK, but best individual place is one behind. For the same reason, Singapore should be 9th, not 8th. (Sporting Code 4.3.11)
The results below are better, although the National Team results are missing.

Final Results:
F2A | F2B | F2C | F2D |

Matthias Möbius' daily reports and pictures, also results.

Report by Ian McIntosh, F2A Contest Director.
UNOFFICIAL Results from my Transitrace Optical Timing System.

Round Up by Claus Maikis, Event Director
Igor Burger's pictures.
Masaru Hiki's W/Ch page with Pictures.
Dave Fitzgerald's Impressions

Report by the chairman of the F2C judging panel Luis Petersen.
Andy Whorton's Report.
Dick Lambert's W/Ch Page.
Engine and tank of the World Champs
My own excuses for not winning F2C in Sebnitz

Pictures from the Champ Mike Willcox: Page 1 | Page 2
Loet Wakkerman's F2D Report. With pictures, and a suggestion to combat flyaways (note the pun!).
Report on F2D at the World Champs by Guido Michiels, F2D Chief Judge

Lassogeier's World Champs 2002 Page. In German, but lots of pictures.
Especially, check who they mistake for an Ukrainian: Here and Here ! Must have been the fast airspeed!
Swiss Team Manager's Report by Ursula Borer (in German).
Another page about the Swiss team (in German)
Italian Pictures by Adriano Molteni.
The NOCLASS Flier August 2002 issue (PDF) has a report from the New Zealand perspective.
Pictures by Ondra Basek.
Champs pictures from the Town of Sebnitz Web site.

Pre-Champs Information

Bulletin 1 | Bulletin 2 | Bulletin 3 with list of entries
Dresden - Sebnitz Map Blue arrow: Main site, F2ABC; Black arrow: F2D site and car parking for all (Thanks to Bill Lee for the original; the arrows are my addition.)
Sebnitz Picture Page by Matthias Möbius.
National Team Information
Japanese Team Page by Masaru Hiki. | USA World Champs 2002 Team Page by Bill Lee. | Swedish Team