PROFI Team Racing Developments 2007 - 2008

First some information about an experimental T/R engine by Youry Chaika.

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Youry says: So far it runs 16.2 s, but we need to continue tests. Due to cold weather, tests are now put on hold. This engine is not for sale, but just a sample that we are working with to develop engine performance.

Youry has also completed tests with his latest conventional T/R engine, and a new tank. The engine has a normal rear intake, but runs very fast. They got -0.4 s compared to the old version this autumn. Nobody has seen it yet, it was a secret in 2007. The new tank provides a quick start (on the first flick) and constant speed from first to last lap. The new engine (as used in Serbia 2007) will be available in three crankcase options for choice of the mounting dimensions. They could be either PROFI, Yugov or Lerner, allowing users of Yugov and Lerner engines to install the new PROFI engine into their existing models.

The new engine and tank will be available 1 March 2008.

The prices, all in Euro:
  • Engine - 650
  • Tank - 120
  • Sleeve & piston ass'y AAC 220
  • Sleeve 120
  • Piston polished 61.2
  • Connecting rod 35
  • Wrist pin + wrist pin clips (2) 3.8
  • Crankshaft 120
  • Front ball bearing 12
  • Crankcase 125
  • Cylinder screws (4 pcs.) 4
  • Backplate screws (4 pcs.) 2
  • Nut for fixing front bearing 5.5
  • Prop drive set 23.5
  • Wrist pin+wrist pin clips (2) 3.8
  • Backplate w/venturi 110
  • Rotor 26