Contest Results 1998

World Cup 1998 Results as a zipped Excel file
International Swiss Combat (Held in Tautenhain) Report by Loet Wakkerman.
AKRO '98 World Cup F2 1998, Näfels, Switzerland, 4th and 5th July, 1998. Results now here.
Swedish Champs 1998, Results (in Swedish)
The Open Nordic Champs 1998, Results. (in Swedish)
EUROCUP F2B 1998, Genk, Belgium, 6-7 June. Report with pictures from Masaru Hiki.
Sächsische-Schweiz-Cup 1998, Sebnitz, Germany, 13-14 June. Results.
Limfjords Competition 1998, Aalborg, Denmark, 30-31 May. Results.
The 1998 US F2D Open in Dallas, Texas, compiled by Bill Lee.
The F2B contest "1st City of Cirič World Cup" near Torino, Italy,
The B T/R resurrection "Killer Bees" suffered a Killer Breeze as did the Vintage Stunt Champs, Tucson, AZ, USA, 26-29 March. All rained and blown away. Mike Keville's report.