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From Jesus I. Iglesias Botran:
Spanish Championships - F2C

Contente - Goulao	PORT	84 v	3:24,69	3:16,32	3:16,32	7:16,70
Crespi-Crespí		ESP	Desc	No pres	3:33,80	3:33,80	7:38,45
Barragán-Barragán	ESP	3:45,80	3:30,62	3:32,36	3:30,62	8:03,58
López-Hoyo		ESP	96 v.	3:51,70	3:35,73	3:35,73	
Carracedo- Rodríguez	ESP	3:46,33	3:54,91	3:58,95	3:46,33	
Hernández-Hernández	ESP	3:47,31	4:05,67	3:54,78	3:47,31	
Sanchez-Barrios		ESP	5:04,46	33 v.	5:29,72	5:04,46	


Aldo Zana, Italy, writes:

Pennisi-Rossi did 6'22" at their adieu to F2C

It was raining cats and dogs on Sunday afternoon October 1, in Lucca, one of the oldest cities in the Tuscany region. The circle of the local C/L club hosted the third and last meeting of Italian F2A and F2C championships. May be the weather, already awful since Friday, or the lower motivation at the end of the season, only four teams showed up for F2C. It meant that the event wasn't eligible for the National Championship.

The heats went on under heavy rain, without results good enough to be recorded. In a short spell of light rain, Pennisi-Rossi, flying one of their models with a Zalp engine, managed to achieve a stunning 3'10"8 in a easy two-teams reflight.

The final was in doubt until the very end of the afternoon, when - suddenly - the westerly sky opened up and the last glimpse of sunrays came through the clouds. The three teams rushed into the circle: Pennisi-Rossi; Martini-Menozzi (3'29"0), Radicchi-Lanzoni (3'29"9). The second team was a non starter due to a loose ball of the front bearing choosing to wander through piston/liner just at the end of the warm up period. It was an easy one for Roberto Pennisi- Andrea Rossi, with Radicchi-Lanzoni flying conservatively at 19 sec. for 36 laps, but what a display by the former world champs: 200 laps without a single change of tune in the Zalp engine, lapping at 17"0 - 17"2, 35 laps. All 10 laps including pit stops were below 24". Andrea Rossi didn't use the faster Suraiev refuelling system, which could have meant another 6-8 sec. gain. Final time: 6'22" 4. It should be the best of the year.

It looks like this contest being the last for Roberto and Andrea together. A big end to a long F2C story (41 years for Roberto and 20 for Andrea). More info soon.


From Alexander Kalmykov, Cyclon:

36-th Open Winter Championship Combat FAI F2D of Russia  18-20 February

    NAMES              RESULTS                         FINAL PLACE   
1.NAZAROV K.         L45 L20                                 41-54   PC1*
2.BUGINSKY I.        W53 L28 W49 W24 L23                     10-17    KM*  
3.KALEVATOV N.       L41 L38                                 41-54   PC4*
4.POPOV V.         U W24 L07 W51 L32                         18-24   PC4*
5.OVCHINNIKOV D.   U L14 L09                                 41-54   PC1*
6.MGELSKY I.       U L48 L37                                 41-54   PC1*
7.BURKIN I.          L34 W04 W16 L39                         18-24   PC1*
8.AUL I.             L40 L54                                 41-54   PC1*
9.SHASHOV A.         L10 W05 L33                             25-40    KM*
10.RYBAKHOV M.       W09 L19 L27                             25-40   KOZEL
11.KRETOV A.         W37 L34 L17                             25-40   PC3*
12.BARASHNIN A.    U L39 L21                                 41-54   PC3*
13.FAISOV B.         W47 W25 L43 W33 L32                     10-17   KOZEL
14.TALANTSEV C.      W05 W53 W19 W18 L34 W45 L52              5-6    KOZEL
15.VEDERNIKOV A.     W29 W22 W40 L23 L43                     10-17    KM*
16.MURZIN A.         L43 W42 L07                             25-40    KM*
17.KRESTIANINOV G.   W50 L43 W11 L27                         18-24    ?
18.TAUSENEV V.       W21 W47 W37 L14 L30                     10-17    ?
19.OPANASCHUK P.     L35 W10 L14                             25-40    ?
20.BRATSEV U.        L31 W01 L30                             25-40    ?
21.EREKLINTSEV A.    L18.W12 L24                             25-40    ?
22.EREKLINTSEV P.    L51 L15                                 41-54    ?
23.GALERT A.         W42 W51 W32 W15 W2 W30 L43 W52 L43 L52   3       ?
24.MURSALOV M.       L04 W40 W21 L02                         18-24    ?
25.OBREZKOV I.       L33 L13                                 41-54    ?
26.BAINOV D.         L27 L32                                 41-54    ?
27.ARIFOV V.         W26 L46 W10 W17 L39                     10-17    AKM
28.TRIFONOV I.       L52 W02 W46 L43                         18-24    AKM
29.NARKEVITCH P.     L15 W44 L35                             25-40    AKM
30.BOLSHAKOVA S.     W38 L39 W20 W44 W18 L23                  7-9     AKM
31.JAKHIMOV M.       W20 L45 W36 L41                         18-24    AKM
32.AKBASHEV V.       W48 W28 L23 W04 W13 W39 W35 L43          4      PC1*  
33.GUSEW A.          W25 W41 W9 L13 L52                      10-17    KM*
34.ANTONOV N.        W07 W11 W54 L52 W14 L35                  7-9     KM*
35.TURKEVITCH A.     W19 W49 W29 L45 W41 W34 L32              5-6     ?   
36.METSHERIAKOV V.   L44 W50 L31                             25-40    ?
37.KOMAROV A.        L11 W06 L18                             25-40    ?
38.BOLSHAKOV A.      L30 W03 L44                             25-40    ? 
39.KALMYKOV V.       W12 W30 L41 W07 W27 L32                  7-9     ?
40.POSOUZNYCKH       W08 L24 L15                             25-40    ?
41.DUDAREV S.        W03 L33 W39 W31 L35                     10-17   PC2*
42.BALIABIN D.       L23 L16                                 41-54   PC3*
43.NECHEUKHIN N.     W16 W17 W13 W28 W15 L52 W23 W32 W23 W52  1       NN
44.BELIAEV A.        W36 L29 W38 L30                         18-24   REDKO
45.BELIAEV V.        W01 W31 L52 W35 L14                     10-17   REDKO
46.BELIAEV S.        L32 W27 L28                             25-40   REDKO
47.SMELKOV M.        L13 L18                                 41-54   REDKO
48.BARYKIN A.        L6 L52                                  41-54   KOZEL
49.CHMITSHENKO V.    W54 L45 L02                             25-40   KOZEL
50.KONTELEVITCH V.   L17 L36                                 41-54   DEMON
51.BAZULIN D.        W22 L23 L04                             25-40   DEMON
52.KURAKSA E.        W28 W48 W45 W34 W33 W43 W14 L23 W23 L43  2      KOZEL
53.VDOVENKO A.       L02 L14                                 41-54    NN
54.KALININ A.        L49 W06 L34                             25-40    NN


From Glen Lewis:

New Zealand Nats results


From Pavol Barbaric came:

Josef Gabris Memorial 1999 Results

Bratislava, 12. - 13.6. 1999
Place St. Nr. Name Licence Country 1-st Flt 2-nd Flt 3-rd Flt Result
1 12 Vejmola Jiri OK 461-16 CZ 2967.5 3090 3074 6164
2 17 Bajer Zdenek OM 12-15 SR 2899 2974.5 3137 6111,5
3 9 Stano Jan OM 114-05 SR 2927.5 2913.5 3073.5 6001
4 11 Skrabalek Jan OM 12-17 SR 2960 2987 3006 5993
5 10 Schrek Alexander OM 114-14 SR 2929.5 2944 3036 5980
6 13 Dobrovolny Radomil OK 307-16 CZ 2965.5 2979.5 2918 5945
7 16 Kapuscinski Peter OK 0-77 CZ 2705 2990 2928.5 5918.5
8 15 Dziuba Pawel POL 1975 Poland 2865 2902 3013 5915
9 1 Burger Igor OM 12-04 SR 2536.5 2922.5 2906.5 5829
10 7 Morotz Attila HUN 848 Hungary 2819.5 2928.5 0 5748
11 3 Benes Pavel OK 259-32 CZ 2357 2796.5 2690 5486,5
12 14 Tokai Tamas HUN 816 Hungary 2629 2848 0 5477
13 2 Wadovich Zoltan HUN 076 Hungary 2350.5 2755.5 2631 5386,5
14 5 Pesovsky Marek OK 259-29 CZ 2498 2683 2582 5265
15 8 Travnik Istvan HUN 077 Hungary 2334.5 2582 2436.5 5018.5
16 6 Steinbauer Klaus AUT 940011027 Austria 2165.5 2368 2224.5 4592,5
17 4 Ecker Franz AUT41006100 Austria 1782 0 1766 3548


Estonian Champs '99 Results


Phil Cartier's report on Combat at the US Nats '99 and the F2D US Team Trials.


Joe Brownlee reports from California:

Virgil Wilbur Memorial, 9-10 October 1999

Joe Brownlee, NASS 34, Event Director

The 16th annual Virgil Wilbur Memorial Control Line Contest, presented by the 101st Squadron Screaming Eagles with CL Speed run by the Control Line Speed Flyers of Southern California, was held at Whittier Narrows in hot 90+, calm weather. Our air density meter went down early morning and stayed down all day. Of the 70 contestants there were 16 speed flyers from Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and Utah, and 59 attempts for 42 official flights. Two new records! Slugger Brown and Bob Fogg 196.64 D-Speed flight early Sunday morning and Charlie Legg 113.45 ½A Profile Proto.

Big excitement when Auntie Arleighs jet turned in on the dolly and chased Pal Joey round the pylon. Weve all seen this happen but the jet always quits right away. Not this one! It was spinning, the pipe was glowing red hot, and it just kept running. I grabbed our fire extinguisher and hosed her down.

Every contest should have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

½A Profile Proto        Charles Legg, own engine 113.45
                        Jerry Rocha, CS          106.78
                        Chris Jacobsen, Norvel    82.23
                        Howard Doering, TD        74.54
                        Greg Settle, CS         Attempt

½A Speed                Charles Legg, own engine 142.81
                        Jerry Rocha, CS          138.53
                        Howard Doering, CS       111.00

A Speed                 Jerry Rocha, Profi       189.40
                        Newton-Mathison, Zit    Attempt

FAI Speed               Jim Rhoades, Profi      Attempt

21 Sport Speed          Frank Puleo, Nova Rossi  153.39
                        Howard Doering, K&B      130.76

B Speed                 NewMath, Nelson          169.90
                        Glen Dye, TWA            129.07

Formula 40              Frank Puleo, Nelson      154.3
                        Glen Dye, Nelson         153.59
                        NewMath, Nelson          149.57
                        Jim Rhoades, Nelson     Attempt

D Speed                 Brown & Fogg, OS         196.64 Record
                        NewMath, OS              187.23
                        Jon De Fries, K&B        174.35
                        Frank Puleo, OS          170.06

Jet Speed               Lenny Waltemath, Bailey  189.40
                        Arleigh Valentine, Bailey Hot Attempt

A Electric              Howard Doering            89.87 from a hand

B Electric              Bill Stewart             118.30


Bob Baron's fight is over.


Sad news about US stunt flier Bob Baron

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