Report by Andy Sweetland

Organiser Modellfluggruppe Breitenbach (AeCS-Swiss Aero Club/SMV-Swiss Model Society); venue "Schwalbennest", Büsserach, Switzerland; dates 14th to 16th May 1999; categories F2A and F2C.

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The weather was NOT cooperative this time! It started raining on the Monday afternoon before the comp, ceased briefly overnight, and then started raining again (really hard) on the Tuesday morning, not stopping until mid afternoon of the 1st comp day, Friday 14th. Temperatures struggled to about 10 degrees C on the Friday, to about the mid teens in dull cloudy weather on the Saturday, and just about reached 19-20 on the Sunday afternoon when we at last saw some sunshine. As the resident Englishmen, my club mates often delight in "reminding" me that as an Englishman I must really feel at home in the Jura Cup rain (I always answer that as in most other things, Switzerland has REALLY top quality weather, and I have experienced more "top quality" rainfall in Switzerland in the last 9 years than in the last 900 years in England!), but this time my standard answer really was justified - the Rhine in nearby Basel reached the highest level ever recorded during this century, and there was significant flooding in many other areas throughout the country during this period.

As a departure from previous JURA CUP events, no F2B category was flown this time - the 2 ideas behind this decision being to give the "technical" disciplines (F2A & F2C) better access to the single circle; and to experiment with "Entry Level" Team Race and Speed classes to encourage "beginners of all ages". In fact, entries were disappointing, with only 5 F2A enries flying (less than in previous years); 24 F2C teams (about the same as previously); nil entries for EL Speed and only 1 entry for EL TR. As a result, neither of these 2 latter categories were flown. The extra circle time did however allow all F2A and F2C competitors adequate practice time and gave 3 official flights for F2A plus 3 heats, 2 semis and the final for F2C.

The international F2C Jury consisted of Paul Rietbergen (NL), Vladimir Sureyev (Ukraine), and Martin Gafner (Switzerland). The F2A time keepers, observer, and both Speed and Team Race Circle Marshalls, Line Checkers, and Team Race lap counters and time keepers were all drawn from MFG Breitenbach members - thanks guys.

The fastest F2A time recorded was 291.0 Kmph (by Imre Elekes of Hungary) and the F2C winners were Pennisi/Rossi, Italy, with a time of 7:01.7 (this team had also recorded a 100 lap time of 3:15.6 earlier in the comp, the fastest time in this event). As the results show, we also had several near 3:20 heat times, several DNF's and DQ's, a couple of reflights, and one Official Protest (upheld, but without penalty to the "offending" team). Not an uneventful comp then, but no major dramas or upsets, and no direct collisions (but unfortunately, 1 F2C model was destroyed). Personally I was operating the PA the whole time and strangely enough, I've found that this is about the WORST possible place to get to know what's going on during a particular race (you're concentrating on getting results from the last race or getting the teams into the Line Check for the next race most of the time) so you'll get no "blow by blow" race accounts from me, sorry,

The MFG Breitenbach team did their usual slick job of set up and organisation, and throughout the event the refreshment tent did brisk business (in proportion to the reduced number of competitors this time).

As per the short prize giving speech by Peter Germann (F2B flyer and Swiss C/L Subcommittee Chairman), thanks go to all competitors and supporters, to the Jury, and especially to all helpers, particularly the wives and girlfriends who once again provided a mouth-watering home-made dessert buffet for the Saturday evening get together in the big tent.

Looking forward to seeing you all in "sunny Switzerland" in 2 years time.

Andy Sweetland, MFG Breitenbach, 21st May1999.