2004 CL World Championships
F2A Electronic Timing Logs

Copied from the official web site.
Here are the logs from the Transitrace electronic timing system used for all official flights at the 2004 CL World Championships.


  1. This is the RAW data. The actual tabulation of results was done by the Management and Tabulation System.
  2. There were 33 competitors even though the largest CompetitorID was A035 (28 and 29 were not used).
  3. Two completely independent electronic systems were used. One was the primary system and all results were taken from it. The second was the back-up system and was used only for quality assurance, as specified in the (forthcoming) FAI rules (which were employed for this World Championships).
  4. Goran Olsson has provided a detailed description of the log file format.

Please visit Goran Olsson's Transitrace web site for added information on the system.

Primary System
06 July - Round 1
07 July - Round 2
09 July - Round 3
10 July - Best of the Best
Secondary System
06 July - Round 1
07 July - Round 2
09 July - Round 3
10 July - Best of the Best

Competitor List

A001Justic, Richard AUS
A002Heath, AndrewAUS
A003Gapps, IanAUS
A004Gibeault, PaulCAN
A005Dawson, RemyCAN
A006Akre, Les CAN
A007Parramon, LuisESP
A008Olive, CarlosESP
A009Valo, JariFIN
A010Aube, Jean Marc FRA
A011Magne, Jean FRA
A012Gilbert, RegisFRA
A013Halman, PeterGBR
A014Morrissey, KenGBR
A015Eisner, PaulGBR
A016Hart, MatthewGBR
A017Pirazzoli, IvoITA
A018Tomelleri, SergioITA
A019Grossi, LucaITA
A020Muzio, Manfredi ITA
A021Snukiskis, SigitasLTU
A022Metkemeijer, RobNED
A023Howser, BrianNZL
A024Bell, BillNZL
A025Kostin, SergeyRUS
A026Alyabev, Dmitry RUS
A027Fedotov, KonstantinRUS
A030Ryan, ToddUSA
A031Booker, JamesUSA
A032Naemura, WilliamUSA
A033Matson, ScottUSA
A034Ivanko, OleksandrUKR
A035Benavent, Jorge ESP