W/Ch '02: Team of USA

October 8, 2001, updated Jan, 2002


From Tom Brown:

Hello all, I have been home cleaning my stuff and hoped someone would be wondering what's up. So here goes. The Team will be in order of finish: Tom Brown, Bill Hughes, Will Naemura. Jim Booker will be alternate, and Krystal King will be the Junior entry. She also set a new junior record. Todd Ryan had the fastest time, 294.30 km/h, of the day, but was able to get one only time. I will list the average speeds used for the results:

  1. Tom Brown 286.9
  2. Bill Hughes 285.3
  3. Will Naemura 282.8
  4. Jim Booker 280.8
  5. Krystal King JUNIOR 278.0
  6. Carl Dodge 277.2
  7. Glen Vansant 273.2
  8. Todd Ryan 147.15 (one run average)
  9. Larry King 131.0 (one run average)


Team Selections were held at Whittier Narrows, Los Angeles, September 21-23.
Picture from Pete Soule:

L to R: Ascher/Ascher, Lambert/Fluker, Willoughby/Oge

Pete's Full Report


Selections held in Houston, TX, September 1-2

Team will consist of:

  • Don Cranfill - Texas
  • Rich Tupper - Chicago
  • Mike Willcox - California
  • First alternate: Lee Liddle - Texas.
  • Junior: Nick Mears - Texas