Separated by a Common Language and Three Seconds

Criterium of Aces, Bierset '65. Photo: Pete Soule

L to R: Herb Stockton, Dick Place, Don Jehlik, Don Haworth

Place/Haworth (UK) winners, Stockton/Jehlik (USA) runners up, three seconds behind.

These teams collected three World and two European Championships. P/H just reached one each when this picture was taken. S/J in the next three years took two World and one European title. The European title in spite of being from USA, as the E/Ch were at that time unofficial.

S/J qualified for the '64 US team, but the AMA directors disqualified them on an issue completely bogus. In a settlement after sueing AMA, they got funded to go to the Criterium in compensation.

The models represent opposite design philosophies:
P/H:s Super Nova goes at length to reduce turbulence. High aspect ratio with the purpose to get a low wing Reynold's number in combination with a laminar flow wing section and immaculate surfaces at the expense of higher weight.
S/J:s Jefe has low aspect ratio to minimize weight and to use induced drag for braking during landing. Surfaces are relatively crude, also saving weight.

British Pride in 1964.

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