Start of T/R in England

[Brian now lives in Canada]

Goran, just a few dates.

The original idea for TR was in '48. In '49 a two page spread in the Model Airplane News on what was to become "B" TR came. Also during 49 a series of articles in the American mags.
In the UK Ron Moulton built a "Chatterbox" with a Delong 30, and several others built models. The first race was on Easter Monday 1950. By 1951 the classes "A" and "B" were born. (?)

My first race was in 1951 with a ED Racer in an own design model. The race was held in a Butlins holiday camp at Scarborough on the east coast of England. I would like to boast that we won but alas we broke a crankshaft. BUT we were so far ahead and the competition so bad that I ran around the circle trying to buy a replacement motor.