The following was handed out to the F2C competitors before the racing.

Control line European Championships, Valladolid 2001-08-06

Draw for flying order

Official training


Specific details on racing / rules.

Teams are responsible to present themselves at the correct time. Failure to do this will result in:
a) The team being eliminated from that round.
b) The other competitors being put into a reflight position at the end of the round.
Competitors entering more than 1 event must make the organisers aware of any potential time clashes before the start of the round.

Starting positions.
In case of reruns, there will be a redraw for starting positions, unless it is a full (same 3 teams) rerun of a previous attempt.
Drawn 2 up races being filled up with a 3rd team, will be redrawn for starting positions.
Rule 4.3.6.e. choice of segment.
Teams are not permitted to change their selected segment after the start of the warm-up.

The flying circle is marked as follows:

Handle on the ground rule.

Normally it will be permitted to have the handle at a maximum of knee height during start and pit stops.
This, however, does not allow the pilots to stand erect during the start and pit stops (must be in a crouching position).
To avoid possible obstructions the pilots must
bend down when landing and
avoid lifting the handle above their heads when taking off, catching other pilots lines. This is a potentially dangerous behaviour and will cause a warning to be applied (local rule 1)
when your race is finished, please get your model and yourself out of the way of the remaining competitors (Teams could be disqualified for obstructing other pilots). This means-
pilots moving outside the circle and if possible not into an occupied sector.
Pilots moving their model clear of other landing models. (local rule 2)
Failure to prevent your model damaging another teams equipment after finishing the race, could impose a penalty of Disq. From entire contest for gross unsporting behaviour.

Announcements from the F2C judges during racing.

Unfortunately we do not cover all the competing languages. The warnings will be put forward in simple English terms (See jury Guide for explanations).

Is defined:

as holding
as pulling another pilot in such a way that his normal activities may be impeded
as preventing another pilot from moving around correctly by occupying the free "space" by raising of his left arm / elbow.
Pilots need to recognise that as soon as a warning is given, the judges will expect the pilot to respond. Failure to correct his flying style will risk another penalty being given as a repeat of that same offence.
A good example is that an extended overtaking can result in 2 warnings being given.

Remember that the same rules apply at laps 90+, as at the start of racing.

The pilot does not have to wait for his mechanic to translate or approve the judges verdict.
It is the responsibility of the team to have an interpreter inside the fence if required.

Local rule 2:  Remember, that the mechanic's feet are not allowed inside the circle, will be applied during the contest. Main objective is safety.

A normal landing will generally have the pilots in front of his model with the possibility of crossed lines. Mechanics need to remember this before releasing their model.

Obstruction can be caused by objects belonging to a team and not just by that team's actions. I.e. caps, glasses, line reels, rags, etc.

The command "STOP RACING - SAFETY" must be immediately responded to. Reason is F2C judges view of an immediate significant safety risk. This will be supported by the FAI jury.

The F2C judges are aware that the jury guide in the sporting Code on the official FAI website is not up to date. The F2C judges are seeking to maintain the current understanding of the competitors and will, therefore, be using the current version of the guide (Version 4-1995). Copies will be made available if required.

It is the F2C judges opinion that rule 4.3.10.e. (a standby attempt) does not meet the intended fair chance for a back-up team. If a stand-by team is not responsible for the termination of a race, they will remain eligible for the next official reflight of that race.

Advice from the F2C judges.

Due to the risk of pilots rotational centre interfering with starting / landing pilots, this advice will be given.